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Why a Technology Company? Why not Advertising and Development?

Why do we call ourselves a technology company?

Shuford Technology is ran by a group of professionals talented in the areas of research, marketing, and development.

We could just as easily have called ourselves an advertising agency, a marketing firm, or any other classification of this type, but we view ourselves as a technology based business for several primary reasons.

This is because of our strong use of proprietary technologies that we continue to grow and use in order to help business owners in the Lexington Kentucky area.

These technologies include marketing software solutions, competition research database driven applications, client relationship software, and a whole army of other custom software packages.

We do not lease, sell, or grant rights to our developed solutions to any one else in the world, and only use the software ourselves on our client's behalf.

The primary reason we don't grant rights to our software to other businesses and individuals is because of the pure scalability power of the software, but also because of the frequency at which we update the applications in order to keep up with the ever changing and evolving business world.

Keep your eyes open for future blog posts regarding these proprietary software solutions as we dive further into their use and how they work, taking a look at them from the inside.

Another reason we call ourselves a technology business is because of our knowledge and love for technology.

Computers, smart phones, software, communications technology, and anything else with at least one transistor.

The world went from the newspaper, to high-speed internet which is now accessible from hand held devices like the iPhone, android, and tablets in less than 40 years, and we love it!

We spend countless hours finding new ways to reach target customers through this evolving world of technology and we are proud to say that we are at the forefront when it comes to new techniques to reach your market using these very devices.

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