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Mobile Marketing, and Development Services

Lexington, KY - Marketing and Development for the Mobile World.

Mobile Website Development

Google reported the growing usage of smart phone technology being used to access websites, ranking their use over the use of desktop, and laptop computers combined

If your website doesn't appear correctly on a mobile device, your potential customer will use their back button on their internet browser to leave your website, and click on one of your competitors websites.

Don't loose potential customers because of a design flaw on your website.

Shuford Technology uses cutting edge mobile web technology to build mobile enabled websites for businesses of all types. From advanced custom mobile web applications that can be used to order pizza online, to simple mobile website layouts; Shuford Technology has your business covered.

Mobile Application Development

Shuford Technology can develop Mobile Applications for the following platforms:

App Marketplaces boast the highest traffic of any download spot on the internet.
By placing an app for your business into the app stores, your business will generate higher exposure to your target market.

If you don't currently have a business, but you do have a great idea for an app that you would like to have created and sold in the app markets, we are here to help you as well!.

Mobile Marketing

Shuford Technology offers a large range of mobile marketing opportunities.

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