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Shuford Technology is the most creative agency in Lexington Kentucky

Looking for a creative agency?

If you’re looking to hire a creative agency, you have come to the right place. Shuford Technology is the most creative agency in the Lexington Kentucky region. Marketing & strategy is only part of our job, when it comes to marketing services that we offer our clients, we can do it all, and we do it all very well.

Creative agency, or an agency that is creative?

There are a lot of marketing groups in Kentucky, but none of them can truly capture the Lexington media the way that Shuford Technology can. Advertising groups tend to boast about their abilities to conceive creative ad campaigns when in reality they are simply copying rehashed failed industry standards.

Anyone can be "creative". Don't confuse artistic creativity with marketing creative. If an ad agency is a good creative agency they will understand how to weave physiology into their ads. They will tailor the ads to be more than simply "creative".

Shuford Technology is a Creative Agency that knows Lexington Media better than any other agency in the Lexington KY, and surrounding areas. Below is a list of services that we offer.

Web Design/Development

If you’re looking for a redesign, or don’t even have a website, we can create a website that will be responsive; driving quality leads and sales to your place of business.

Reputation Management

Reputation is more important now, than ever before. With the creation of review websites, one bad review can send your business into a spiraling fall hurting your bottom line.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Google, Bing, and Facebook all offer pay per click advertising to businesses like yours, but few really know how to generate a true return on their investment with these services. We can help.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a part of everyone’s lives now, and there is no better way to connect to your customer base. Our expert department can make sure you’re getting the most out of your social media marketing campaigns.

Roadside Billboard Design/Placement

We see them when we are driving down the road, and believe it or not, this form of advertising is coming back strong. We can design, and place roadside advertisements for your business that will generate results.

Overseas Product Creation Outsourcing

Have an invention? Or maybe your creating products and selling them yourself? If you want to grow your product based business you will need help finding the right people to create your product for you. Let us help you connect with the right people to outsource your product creation.

Competition Analysis

Know your competition! We can help run detailed reports on all of your biggest competitors to find out what they are doing, and how you can stomp them.

Web Application Development

Web Applications are growing at an overwhelming rate, we can help you create a web application for your business, or business website. Think instant quotes online, Games, Contests, and anything else you can imagine.

E-Commerce Creation

You can sell products and services right from your website! We can set it up for you, and offer the training needed for your business to begin fulfilling orders online.

Content Management Services

Don’t worry about placing content on your website, worry about growing your business. We will take care of the content.

Email Marketing

Email is still the first place people look when they wake up in the morning; we can place your message into the email in-boxes of your potential customers.

Affiliate Marketing Setup/Management

Why not get other people to market your products or services for you? Shuford Technology is happy to setup an affiliate program for your business!

Online Video Creation/Distribution

Some people hate to read, but love to watch videos. Online video websites are the go to place for people looking for online reviews, and business listings. We will make sure you are there! From creation to distribution!

Television Commercial Development/Placement

Often time business owners think that they are too small to advertising on television, this is simply not true. Shuford Technology works directly with cable providers to get your business into the living rooms of your customers for award winning low prices.

Direct Mail Campaign Creation/Execution

We have patented technology that will build a targeted list of your potential customers, and send out a responsive post mail campaign on your business behalf. This is a powerful form of marketing!

Hire a creative agency that knows Lexington media, and knows how to drive customers to your business.

Hire Shuford Technology.

Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!

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