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Marketing Strategy Marketing Techniques, and Technology that works.

Marketing Strategy that fits your business.

A big part of our job at Shuford Technology is to create a strong marketing strategy for our clients.

We do this using our extensive network of professional connections, our strong research department, and an unparalleled understanding of your business, and your target market demographics.

Now lets have some fun...

The World's Largest List of Advertising Techniques.

  • Hand out Business Cards
  • Create a Television Commercial
  • Give people an Elevator Pitch
  • Start Cold Calling
  • Mail out Post Cards
  • Use Direct Mail
  • Radio Commercials
  • Pay per Click Advertising online
  • Put yourself in the Yellow Pages
  • Buy Magazine Ad spots
  • Buy Newspaper Ad spots
  • Use Online Sales Sites (Craigslist, EBay)
  • Buy Movie Theater Commercial Time
  • Use Social Media
  • Optimize your website with SEO
  • Create and Post Online Videos (YouTube, Google videos)
  • Have someone do some Sign Spinning for you
  • Encourage Word Of Mouth Advertising
  • Use Online Affiliate Marketing
  • Buy Billboard advertising space
  • Handout Flyers
  • Hang Door Hangers
  • Give a speech in your industry at an event
  • Attend Trade Shows, and setup a booth
  • Build an Email Marketing list
  • Create a Press Release
  • Sponsor Local Events
  • Create Coupons
  • Have an Airplane pull your banner
  • Give your product away for free
  • Buy ad space on grocery carts
  • Offer discounts to local companies employees
  • Plan and launch a host-beneficiary campaign
  • Write How-To articles
  • Run a Competition or Contest
  • Create a Mobile App
  • Use Opt-in Text Message Marketing
  • Executing a Telemarketing campaign
  • Find Co-Branding & Co-Marketing connections
  • Become an expert in Online Forums
  • Ask for Referrals
  • Put on a Demonstration
  • Create and use Vehicle Advertising (Magnets, Vinyl Wraps, Bumper Stickers)
  • Make and distribute Giveaways (Pens, Mouse Pads)
  • Make and distribute Promotional “swag” (Wristbands, Sunglasses, T-Shirts)
  • Give away Free Samples
  • Advertising on Hot-air balloons
  • Encearge people to give you some Online Reviews
  • Get listed in online and offline Directory Listings
  • Give away your time at Community Events
  • Print and place Fliers on Bulletin Boards
  • Write a Book about your industry
  • Offer Free Workshops and Classes
  • Trade Your Services
  • Write Genuine Handwritten Notes
  • Get interviewed by the media
  • Public Transportation Advertising (bus, plane, train)
  • Buy and use an easy to remember Toll-Free Number
  • Get your coupons in Coupon Books
  • Print and display Large Banners
  • Print and set out Roadside Yard Signs everywhere
  • Print and give your customers Loyalty Cards
  • Install a Live Chat script on your website
  • Shine a bright spotlight in the air
  • Legal graffiti on the side of buildings
  • Buy ad placement on the back of retail receipts
  • Attend networking events
  • Start a blog about your industry
  • More added weekly...

This list is not done.
We will continue adding to it - forever.

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